The Milkman ELiquid


All Milkman flavours are mixed at 99/1 VGPG (MAX VG) ratio.

The Milkman-A warm toasted fruit tart blend with vanilla bean ice cream and milk.

Churrios-Fresh churros sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and doused with milk.

Milky O's-Cookies and cream milkshake.

Pudding-Creamy vanilla pudding with sweet lemon.

Moonies-Buttery vanilla cake layered with chocolate and a marshmallow filling.

Crumbleberry-Raspberry crumble with cream.

Strudelhaus-Creamy blueberry strudel topped with powdered sugar.

Little Dipper-Sugar cookies dipped in an ice cold glass of creamy milk.

Hazel-Warm Hazelnut with sweet vanilla cream and topped off with a caramel!

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