Slushy by Cloud Connoisseurs


All Slushy juices are mixed at a 70/30 VG/PG ratio


Strawberry Watermelon -A refreshing mix of strawberry and watermelon slushy


Peach Raspberry -A mouth-watering peach and raspberry slushy


Blue Raspberry -A sweet, thirst-quenching blue raspberry slushy you can enjoy all day without the brain-freeze!


Sub-Zero Strawberry Watermelon -Everyone's favorite strawberry watermelon slushy with an icy, cool twist.


Sub-Zero Blue Raspberry -Everyone's favourite blue raspberry slushy with an icy, cool twist.


Strawberry Pineapple -Simple, yet delicious mix of Strawberry & Pineapple. 


Melon Madness -Simple yet delicious melon.


Mandarin Mango -Mandarin Mango is packed with juicy sweet mandarins, followed up with fresh ripe mango’s, get ready for your next all day vape!


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