Fruit By The Ounce


All Fruit By The Ounce flavours are mixed at a 70/30 VG/PG Ratio.

Strawberry Guava-Fresh, ruby red strawberries and sweet, syrupy guava nectar blended together. Refreshing, tasty, and just the right mix of tropical.

Peach Lemonade-Tangy, crisp lemonade tempered by the soft, mellow sweetness of freshly picked peaches. Freshly brewed and served in a cold glass.

Blueberry Pomegranate-Made with an alluring combination of tart, red pomegranate and sweet, ripe blueberries. Perfectly blended together to make a classic smoothie.

Dragonfruit Raspberry- An exotic blend of fresh ripe dragon fruit and tart raspberries. A clean flavor with a sour kick!

Lemon Ice Tea- Keep the summer vibes going all year round with a splashing blend of ice tea infused with fresh lemon juice and just the right amount of sweet! Reminiscent of your favorite ice tea!

Mandarin Mango- A zesty infusion of sweet mandarin oranges and ripe mango nectar, sweet and tangy and perfect for an all day vape!

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