Fresh Pressed


All Fresh Pressed E-Liquids are mixed at a 70/30 VG/PG ratio


Sparkling Starfruit -A blend of bubbly champagne, juicy sweet and slightly tart pink star fruit combined with exotic fruits create this enchanting vape. It’s fresh sweet, tart and and tangy. Perfectly balanced and totally refreshing.


Malibu Meltdown -Fresh Pressed Malibu Meltdown E juice is a delightful new tropical fruit vape that blends kiwi, watermelon and mixed berries. Enchanting and refreshing.


Pink Parfait -Fresh Pressed Pink Parfait E juice is a delightfully indulgent vape that blends heaps of fresh ripened strawberries, topped with smooth Bavarian sweet cream. This enchanting dessert vape will make you crave it all day long.


Blissful Berries -Chill from the inside out with this crowd pleasing vape. We mixed frozen crushed dark berries blended with smooth lemon limeade that will KNOCK you out cold.

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