Drip Social


VapePockee-delicious flavor of strawberries and crispy cookie together making it one of a kind. Inspired by the popular desert treat from japan. The inhale is a crispy treat of beady cookie, on the exhale a creamy strawberry sensation. We all loved this snack as a kid why not love it as an adult vapepockee and relive your childhood again.

Matcha Green Tea-A silky green tea cream on our classic crunchy biscuit stick.

Dragon Grahams-A sweer and tart dragon fruit cream, blanketing a warm graham cracker sprinkled with brown suger.
Summer 17-A blast of sweet, tangy and refreshing lychee X fruits, perfectly balanced and refreshing.
Lemon Grahams-Taking the sweet and sour aspects of lemon cream, combining it with warm graham cracker and brown sugar, Lemon Grahams E-Liquid by Drip Social is the second delicious addition to the Graham line.



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